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Kristalee completed her Bachelors in Kinesiology in 2015 from the University of the Fraser Valley and began her career in the sports world working with elite athletes. 
Her knowledge of functional movement is apparent in her consultations where she focuses on a whole body treatment. She thrives when it comes to rehabilitation programs for reoccurring injuries and creates not only personalized exercise programs, but also provides stretching/ foam rolling portions to her treatments creating an holistic treatment program that is completely specialized. 
    To date, the highlight of her schooling came from being asked to participate in The Stress Relief Method in New York City where she participated in a 4 day. She looks forward to continuing to work with patients on their injuries and to improve their overall health as well as looks forward to continuing her education and completing her goal of becoming a manual Osteopath therapist in the near future.

Kristalee’s main specializations are: 
-    Injury rehabilitation
-    Functional screening
-    Active Isolated Stretch: Stretch Therapy 
-    Hydrotherapy
-    Advanced taping - athletic and kin 
-    Injury Prevention and Post- injury Treatments 
-    Individualized workout plans 
-    Modalities: shock wave, tens, ultrasound
-    Cupping 

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Kristalee Walchuk, B.Kin

Registered Kinesiologist