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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy


A physiotherapist is a health care professional that can help people affected by injury, illness or disability. Private practice Physiotherapy focuses on a variety of conditions including (but not limited to):


  • Muscle Strains and Ligament Sprains 

  • Fractures

  • Arthritis (ie osteoarthritis) 

  • Neurological conditions (ie numbness, tingling)

  • Balance and postural programs 

  • Injuries at all stages (Acute, Repair, Chronic)


The goal is to address each injury according to its stage of healing to restore optimal function/movement, decrease pain, and improve quality of life. We address these conditions with a combination of modalities, manual therapies, rehab exercises and education. 


Pelvic health physiotherapy is the assessment, treatment and prevention of pelvic floor
dysfunctions. Pelvic floor issues include:
-incontinence (urinary or fecal)
-prolapse (heaviness or dragging sensation in the vagina)
-pelvic girdle pain (low back, tailbone, pubic symphysis, hip)
-sexual pain (vaginismus, vestibulodynia, vulvodynia)
-concerns related to pregnancy or post partum including Diastasis Rectus
Benefits of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy
-optimize birth
-improve post partum outcomes
-pelvic floor assessment before and after birth
-safe return to exercise post birth
-resolution or reduction in incontinence and prolapse symptoms
-core and intra-abdominal pressure system retraining
-provide education regarding sexual or pelvic pain
-regain/achieve pain free sexual function


Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates is an adaptation of traditional pilates (developed originally by Joseph Pilates). It is one-on-one treatment with a Physiotherapist and it involves choosing and modifying pilates exercises on spring loaded equipment or the mat for the purpose of rehabilitation, recovery and prevention of injury. The STOTT pilates method uses theories of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation through 5 basic principles: breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular mobility and stability and cervical placement. These biomechanical principles are related to body awareness, alignment and freedom of movement. Although the principles remain the same, Clinical Pilates is individualized treatment based on your needs, goals and specific concerns following an assessment with a Physiotherapist. 


Benefits of Clinical Pilates:

-correction of sub-optimal mechanics that may be contributing to injury or pain

-motor control re-training

-improved alignment, flexibility, strength, breath control 

-reduction of back or neck pain

-improved body awareness 

-active approach to injury recovery and rehabilitation of acute or chronic injuries 

Who can benefit:

  • Athletes (runners, golfers, dancers, swimmers, team sports)

  • Pregnant or post - natal individuals  

  • Individuals with joint hyper mobility, chronic back pain or stiffness

  • Individuals wanting to do pre-habilitation (before surgery) or rehabilitation post surgery/injury (such as ACL repair, joint replacement, C section, hernia repair, labral tear)

  • Individuals wanting to improve their biomechanics or focus on specific strengthening of a particular area

  • Individuals with recurring injuries (such as muscle strains, ankle sprains, IT band pain, foot pain)

  • Injury prevention

Clinical Pilates is covered by most extended medical plans under Physiotherapy but please check with your provider if you are unsure. 







A kinesiologist is a professional in human movement & biomechanics. A kinesiologist is trained in knowing how the musculoskeletal system works & can provide services to clients so that they may obtain the most efficient posture/movements/physically sound way of moving.

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